My research interests are in ethics and moral responsibility. In particular, I'm interested in questions about moral responsibility motivated by engagement with empirical psychology and history of medicine.

Recently, these interests have manifested in work on whether we can be accountable for actions motivated by cognitive processes of which we’re not conscious, including racist, sexist, and otherwise morally problematic implicit biases. I've presented research on this question at venues including the 2017 Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress in Boulder, CO; the 2017 Pacific Division Conference of the American Philosophical Association in Seattle, WA; the 2016 UC San Diego Philosophy Graduate Conference in San Diego, CA; and an invited panel discussion at the 2018 Diverse Voices in Philosophy Conference in Stanford, CA.

My developing research includes work on the relationship between blame and respect, particularly how insight into this relationship can inform discussion of blame and disability. I've presented research on this question at venues including the 2018 Values in Medicine, Science and Technology Conference in Dallas, TX; the 2018 Symposium on Disability, Intersectionality and State Violence in San Diego, CA; and the UC San Diego Graduate Philosophy Colloquium in San Diego, CA.


Photo Credit: Kathleen Connelly (Hillcrest, San Diego, CALIFORNIA)